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Welcome to eTourChatham - The Chatham Smartphone Tour. What you see on a smartphone when you visit this site is pictured to the right. This ’welcome’ paragraph is displayed only on a screen wider than a phone or tablet, since you are probably here to learn about eTourChatham, rather than take the eTour around town with a portable device. All the content is here - just use the navigation bars below to access eTourChatham as you would on a smartphone or tablet.

eTourChatham is very easy to use - jump right in, and see what it looks like. But if you want to see demonstrations or prose explanations, that’s here too - use the “Intro & Info” button below. All the content is on the web, at address “”. It can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. You may have heard the term “App” with respect to smartphones - eTourChatham is not an App (yet), so you do not need to download anything. You may also see promotional material with a “QR code” on it, as shown to the left. You can learn about this under the Intro & Info button below, but you do not need to scan it - just enter the web site address into any web browser, whether on a computer, a smartphone, or tablet (for example iPad, or Kindle Fire).

Smartphone Tours are becoming popular in many venues - at museums, parks, and as city tours. Many have a well-defined route to follow. That’s one piece of the Chatham Smartphone Tour, but only part of it. eTourChatham starts out as a “Find Your Way Around” tour - it is a set of points of interest, with addresses, and a map showing all the locations. Make your way to whichever ones interest you - on foot, bicycle, or by car. An additional Tour, called the Main St - Lighthouse Loop Tour, provides a suggested route that takes you past a subset of all the points of interest in town.

Do not miss the additional eTours and information available on eTourChatham. There are several Locality eTours, which use exactly the same concept to provide a tour of a more limited locality or public site, such as the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge’s Nature Trail Walk, on Morris Island. Look under All Tours below to see the whole suite.

Also available is a list and map of visitor services in Chatham - the Visitor Information Centers, public restrooms, and other ways of touring Chatham.

The Chatham Smartphone Tour