Historic Loop Route

Loop Tour Intro

The Main St - Lighthouse Loop Route is a new eTour with a specific suggested route that takes you past a subset of the locations on the Chatham Highlights Tour. The main distinguishing feature of the Main St - Lighthouse Loop Route eTour is a separate map, with a highlighted route. It is an easy way to take a basic tour of many of Chatham’s Highlights. The Chatham Highlights Tour retains the “Find Your Way Around” perspective, that is, a set of sites all over Chatham from which you choose what to see and in what order, with any approach that fits your interests.

The new Main Street - Lighthouse Loop Route has a map with pins for the Chatham Highlights along this route. It is a bit over three miles long. It starts at the Main St rotary, goes down Main Street to the Lighthouse, over Bridge St., then up Stage Harbor Rd. to Cross St., and takes Cross St. back to Main St. The Loop Route is also broken into several segments, with some overall commentary about interesting features of each segment, plus the individual Highlights sites on each segment.

Start the new Main St - Lighthouse Loop Route by pressing the button above.