You Can Help!

eTourChatham would be excited to have help from people in several different roles. If you’re interested, please contact eTourChatham by email at

  • Develop the prose content for one or more sites. Improve one of the existing pages, or add new site(s) to the tour. If you’re a local expert, add an interesting in-depth article to tell more of the story about one of Chatham’s locations. Volunteer to do the audio as well.
  • Do audio segments. We need good voices to read the audio tracks. Audio tracks are simply a reading of the prose, so the tour can be used as an audio tour. If you are associated with one of the eTour sites, we’d love to have a local voice talking about your site (see the Nickerson Homestead pages on the eTour for a great example).
  • Develop Locality eTour(s). Locality eTours are site or locale specific, generally in a situation where a separate map makes sense. If a separate map is not needed, in-depth pages can be created off a main eTour page. Locality eTours would make sense for a walking tour of a neighborhood, a biking tour that followed a specific route, or a site tour where there is a nature trail with defined stops.