eTourChatham Settings

My Location Symbol   

The “Geo-Location” setting controls whether you see the “My Location” symbol on maps. This symbol will appear if your smartphone or tablet device supports Geo-positioning, that is, the device is capable of determining its own the location. See the explanation of eTourChatham Geo-Location on the eTour Maps Behavior page, for an understanding of how it works. The default for this option is “Yes”, so if your device supports Geo-positioning, you will normally see the “My Location” symbol on a map.

If you set this option to “No”, the “My Location” symbol will not be shown. This may be appropriate if you never intend to use Geo-Location on an eTourChatham map.

Other circumstances will cause this option to be set to “No”. If eTourChatham is attempting to activate Geo-Location (at your request by touching the “My Location” symbol on a map), and an error is encountered, or you reply “No” to a request to allow eTourChatham to use your location information, then this option is set to “No”, to prevent further showing of the “My Location” symbol. You can manually set this option back to “Yes” if you want the “My Location” symbol to start being shown again.