eTourChatham Introduction

The Chatham Smartphone Tour is a self-guided tour around Chatham. The centerpiece is the Chatham Highlights Tour, a tour of 50 of Chatham’s many points of interest - historic, contemporary, and scenic. The first phase debuted in March 2012 with 35 sites, in time for Chatham’s Tercentennial year Opening Weekend. The second phase was released around Memorial Day, in time for June’s Founders Weekend.

A subset of Highlights Tour locations are presented separately in the Main St — Lighthouse Historic Loop Tour. This tour has a map with an approximately 3-mile route marked, and the eTour locations along this route are presented in sequence, along with some additional commentary about each segment of the loop route.

In addition, two additional mini-tours (called Locality eTours) are smartphone tours of specific areas - one is on the grounds of the Atwood House Museum, and the other is a smartphone version of the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge’s Morris Island Nature Trail. These also illustrate the types of additional tours that can be done using eTourChatham - a specific site, or a neighborhood walking tour.

For each eTour, a map will identify the points of interest, and each location (site) will have a page of information - the address, a picture, and an explanation of its interesting features - the latter both readable and audible. An eTour can be used as an audio tour. Using a Smartphone or 3G-enabled tablet, one can go location to location, or wander around and visit the sites in any order. With a GPS-capable smartphone, you'll also know where you are, and where the points of interest are.

To watch the 10-minute video introduction and overview that includes a demonstration, touch the “Video Intro” button below. Or just start exploring.
More in-depth explanation of eTourChatham features, plus instructions and video demonstrations of using eTourChatham, are available by touching the “Using eTourChatham” button below.

The Chatham Highlights Tour consists of the following:

  • A list of points of interest in Chatham - interesting from a historic and/or contemporary point of view. There are currently 50 sites in this list; we anticipate there will be a few more in the future.
  • A map with all the locations, noted with pin markers.
  • Each site will have one descriptive page, and optionally some supplemental pages. The base descriptive page will include:
    • The street address of the point of interest, or site, in Chatham. If an exact street address is not possible, this may say “near” or “across from” an address.
    • A picture. Nothing fancy - this is to let you know you are at the right place.
    • Prose description, explaining why it's an interesting location.
    • An audio track, which is a reading of the prose on the page.
    On each of the site pages, there are also several small buttons just above and/or below the picture.
    • A button labeled “Show On Map” pops up a window with a map showing the current site and the immediate vicinity (not all of Chatham, as the main map page starts off with). This popup map also shows other eTour sites in the vicinity of the current location.
    • A button labeled “Access / Parking” may be present, if there is anything special to say about “Access and/or Parking” at the location. A popup window will show this information, so that you see it without navigating off the present point of interest page.
    In addition, a site's page may include button links to other pages, which could include:
    • A location's own website, if they have one.
    • Supplemental eTour pages, which may provide in-depth material on any aspect of the site.