This locality eTour is a digital transcription of the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge's paper brochure for The Morris Island Nature Trail, which is available from the Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center.

Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1944, and is administered by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. The refuge consists of 7,604 acres that is only accessible by boat except for the 40-acre unit on Morris Island.

Come explore this 3/4-mile walk along Morris Island, which offers a mere glimpse of the unique habitats found here at Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge. As you walk the trail, notice how the species’ communities change as you walk from one station to the next: through beach, sand dunes, forest, salt marsh, and tidal flats.

All plants and animals are protected on the Refuge. Please step lightly and stay on the trail to avoid disturbing their habitat. Leave nothing but footprints and take only memories.

A section of this trail runs along the beach on the East side of Morris Island. High tides sometimes prevent transit in this area. It is recommended that visitors time their walk along the Trail to avoid this section from one hour before high tide until one hour after high tide. A tides chart is viewable by touching the link below. In the event this section of the trail is inaccessible, an alternate route from Trail Point #7 back to the parking area is marked on the Map with a red line.